Rs.6,000.00     Duration : 6 Days


Aim: This Course provides training to candidates to be duly qualified under Section A-V/1-1 of the STCW Code with specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipments on Oil Tankers. It comprises of a basic training programme appropriate to their duties, including basic training for oil tankers safety measures, pollution prevention , safe operational practices and obligations under applicable law & regulations. The Course covers the competence requirements as given in the table A-V/1-1-1 related to oil tankers of the STCW code adopted by the international Convention on standards of Training , Certification and watch keeping for seafarers 1978 as amended .

Objective: On the successful completion of the course the Candidate will be eligible to carryout assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipment on Oil Tankers. .

Duration: 5 Days


    The trainee shall :

  1. Be familiar with equipments, instrumentation and controls used for cargo handling on an Oil /Chemical Tanker.
  2. Have acquired greater awareness of the need of proper planning and use of checklists involved in various cargo handling equipments.
  3. Have an enhanced awareness to apply proper and safe procedures at all times when carrying out the various operations onboard tankers.
  4. Be able to identify operational problems and assist in solving them.
  5. Follow safety practices and protect the marine environment.
  6. Be able to assist and co-ordinate actions during emergencies.

Perquisite: Passport Copy, Indos Number, 2 passport size colored photographs.

Attendance: 100% attendance is required for successful completion of the course.

Issue of Certificates: On successful completion of the course candidates will get Oil & Chemical Tanker Cargo Operation (OCTC) course certificate.