As a responsible Organization Sakshi Institute of Maritime Foundation(SIMF) is actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) for the the Welfare of all aspects of society including economic, social, and environmental.

To fulfill its Vision of CSR in to reality, SIMF is engaged in following CSR activities :

  1. Carrier Counseling as a Part of Education: SIMF believes in the fact that each & every student has specific Interest & Potential and if they are given proper direction by identifying both of it they can do excell. Under this scheme the experts of SIMF Counsel the Students by having direct interaction with them by knowing their interest and assessing their abilities. Interested Students can approach to us directly via E-mail / Phone.
  2. Environmental Protection : Climate Change & Environmental Protection is the major challenge for existing and upcoming generation. Even efforts has be made at UNO by our honorable Prim minister Sri Narendra Modi ji to bring whole world on the common platform to check this challenge.

    Following his footprint SIMF has tried a small step by Tree Plantation every year at its Swimming Pool & Advanced Fire Fighting Sites. Professors, Students & Staffs of SIMF have actively participated under this program.